located almost right on the Danube is undoubtedly one particular of the naciekawszych neighborhoods of the region. Kalocsa owes its fame largely peppers and flowers. Self defense is grown on a huge professional scale, and bouquets - the key decorative design from the local folk outfits. The location has exceeded twenty thousand. residents, some of which are grown "Paprika field", while the recovery works in a manufacturer, where, after drying, performed up "red Hungarian silver. "
Floral embroidered costume festive local women happen to be among the finest near your vicinity. Currently, about a 1000 artists perform folk embelleshment famous export, and repeated on skirts, blouses or perhaps sweaters color pattern is usually nothing can beat stylized flowers and fruits peppers. Within the cooperative embroidery Street. Tompa Mihśly 7 is a great old wooden farmhouse, cured as a museum. Inside, a collection of persons furniture, them are protected with colorful paintings, węgry manufactured hands of old typical women. There, one may see a wonderful number of embroidery.